Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints

Burbank, CA

Established in 1975, Egenolf Gallery specializes in fine Japanese woodblock prints and drawings, including works by the earliest 17th-century pioneers of ukiyo-e to the shin hanga masters of the 20th century. We are pleased to offer a highly curated selection of designs in exceptional condition over a broad range of prices. Our focus is on providing value to our clients. Clients include museums, private collectors, and dealers in the US, Europe, and Japan. First-time buyers as well as established collectors are able to buy from us with confidence, knowing that all prints and drawings are guaranteed authentic and as described.
Herbert Egenolf began dealing in Japanese prints in 1975 in Duesseldorf, Germany, following an eleven-year residency in Japan. In 1992 he invited Veronica Miller to join him in the business. After working together with Mr. Egenolf for ten years, she became the director of Egenolf Gallery following the untimely passing of Mr. Egenolf in 2002 and now is based near Los Angeles, California. 

Veronica Miller
Joichi Hoshi: Hoshi Jōichi: Blue Sold

HOSHI, Joichi

Hoshi Jōichi: Blue

Woodblock Print, 1977.

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A blue tree poses against a brilliant golden background. Hoshi employed a unique technique to render such astonishing effects, using woodblocks, go...

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Joichi Hoshi: Hoshi Jōichi: Red Tree Sold

HOSHI, Joichi

Hoshi Jōichi: Red Tree

Woodblock Print, 1973.

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A deep red tree with highly dimensional branches stands proud against a golden sky. Hoshi ‘s unique woodblock printing technique involved gold and ...

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Hiroshi Yoshida: Yoshida: Kinoe Harbor Sold

YOSHIDA, Hiroshi

Yoshida: Kinoe Harbor

Woodblock Print, 1930.

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Kinoe. Timeless view of a harbor with a fishing boat in dry dock. A foreground figure in a small wooden craft works at repairing a woven trap. The...

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