Japanese Woodblock Prints

Japanese woodblock prints and their amazing colors have appealed to print collectors for hundreds of years. After being almost exclusively known inside Japan and in China for centuries, these works increasingly made their way to Europe and the Americas in the 19th century. To this day they remain some of the most collected works on paper. Legendary names like Hiroshige, Hokusai, Hasui Kawase are known to many. But thanks to the tireless efforts by some of the exhibitors in our show, color woodcuts by many artists will be available. We are proud to say that some of the most respected dealers specialized in Japanese woodblock prints are part of the West Coast Print Fair. Stay tuned, or even better, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of new works and shows: click here.

Micah Schwaberow: Twilight Haiku Sold


Twilight Haiku

Woodcut, 2018.

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Dimensions: 4" x 4"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 138

Mana Aki: To The Person I’ll Be Tomorrow Sold

AKI, Mana

To The Person I’ll Be Tomorrow

Woodblock Print, 2016.

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The effervescence of the bold swoops in this diminutive print lends a great energy to the woodblock.WoodblockEd.602016 11.75 x 8.5 in

Tsukioka Kogyo: Two Turtles Sold

KOGYO, Tsukioka

Two Turtles

Woodcut, circa 1900.

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Color woodcut. 9 1/2 x 9 7/8 inches.

Utagawa Hiroshige: Toeizan Temple at Ueno Sold


Toeizan Temple at Ueno

Woodblock Print, 1845-47.

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On a snowy evening a small group gathers in a temple courtyard.A soft and delicate winter landscapeMedium: Japanese Woodblock PrintDimensions: 9.25...

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Hidehiko Goto: Moonlight Sold

GOTO, Hidehiko


Woodblock Print, 2000.

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One of the few craftsmen in Japan who has mastered the art of making the baren ( the tool used to transfer ink to paper in woodblock), Goto excels ...

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Hidehiko Goto: Time Horizon Sold

GOTO, Hidehiko

Time Horizon

Woodblock Print, 2000.

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One of the few craftsmen in Japan who has mastered the art of making the baren ( the tool used to transfer ink to paper in woodblock), Goto excels ...

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Gen Yamanaka: Memory of Stars Sold


Memory of Stars

Woodcut, 2014.

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Dimensions: 14.25" x 19"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 10

Ray Morimura: Kanazawa Bunko Shomyoji Sold


Kanazawa Bunko Shomyoji

Woodblock Print, 2010.

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Morimura has devoted his artistic career to showing traditional Japan through his own lens.WoodblockEd.70201023 x 16.75 in

Haku Maki: Persimmon(C) Sold

MAKI, Haku


Woodblock Print, 1975.

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One of the Artist's large persimmon images on a velvety black background The image is enhanced with deep embossing, and burnished elements.Medium: ...

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Sarah Brayer: Bebop Puddle Hop Sold


Bebop Puddle Hop

Woodcut, 1984.

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Dimensions: 20" x 26"Medium: Mokuhanga Woodblock PrintEdition Size: 150

Natori Shunsen: Combing her hair Sold


Combing her hair

Woodblock Print, 1928.

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Impression on Japan paper, artist's seal. From the series Three beauties by Shunsen (Shunsen bijin sanshi).Publisher : Watanabe Shôzaburô (seal B, ...

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Hiroshi Yoshida: Yoshida: Kinoe Harbor Sold

YOSHIDA, Hiroshi

Yoshida: Kinoe Harbor

Woodblock Print, 1930.

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Kinoe. Timeless view of a harbor with a fishing boat in dry dock. A foreground figure in a small wooden craft works at repairing a woven trap. The...

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Kiyoshi Saito: Steady Gaze Sold

SAITO, Kiyoshi

Steady Gaze

Woodblock Print, 1972.

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An iconic image of two cats and a butterfly with vibrant colors and woodgrain detail.Medium: Japanese Woodblock PrintDimensions: 17.5 X 11.5 inches...

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Joichi Hoshi: Hoshi Jōichi: Red Tree Sold

HOSHI, Joichi

Hoshi Jōichi: Red Tree

Woodblock Print, 1973.

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A deep red tree with highly dimensional branches stands proud against a golden sky. Hoshi ‘s unique woodblock printing technique involved gold and ...

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