Moonlit Night, Miyajima

Kawase HASUI

Very fine impression, color and condition. This version is much darker and more dramatic than other examples we have found.

Hotei No. 497 N. 479. Miyajima is in Hiroshima prefecture.
Also published: Kendall H. Brown, Visions of Japan: Kawase Hasui's Masterpieces, 2004, p. 122, no. 86
Shimada City Museum, Kawase Hasui, The landscape woodblock prints of the Taisho and Showa periods, 2005, p. 112, no. 216

Andreas Marks, Japan Journeys: Famous Woodblock Prints of Cultural Sights in Japan, 2015, p. 155

Japanese Print woodblock Ukiyo-e hanga The Art of Japan Japanese woodblock print

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