Vicki’s Vacation at Wallowa Lake


16 H x 20 W

Artist Statement

"I am inspired by the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest - the place where I was born, raised and currently live. Vibrant colors and rich textures come alive against the background of our often gray skies. When I take the time to observe carefully, I see the ordinary transform into extraordinary colors, patterns and designs. Amidst the incredible diversity of nature, I find a harmonious rhythm. I gather these elements together and reconstruct them into impressionistic collage, using delicate, hand painted papers.

For me, the process of making art is like breathing, it flows naturally, and it is a necessary and essential part of who I am. Creating art allows me to live in the moment and at the same time, it gives me what seems like infinite time to look closely, to see things I might otherwise not see in the rush of my hurry up, everyday life."

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