About the Show

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The West Coast Print Fair is the first virtual print fair organized by PrintFairsUSA in response to in-person show cancellations due to the Covid-19 crisis. This virtual show has grown out of a cooperative online New York Satellite Print Fair, which was held in the fall of 2020.  For decades January has marked the time when print dealers and publishers would converge on the West Coast of the United States for print fairs.  While historically these fairs were held from Seattle to San Diego, with a stop-over in Santa Barbara, in the last few years three shows emerged as mainstays.

Portland Fine Print Fair

The first of these shows has been the Portland Fine Print Fair, held at the Portland Art Museum. Now in its eighth year, the show owes its success to the vision and work of Mary Weaver Chapin, the Museum’s Curator of Prints, and Sam Davidson, of Davidson Galleries in Seattle. The second show, the Bay Area Fine Print Fair, was inaugurated two years ago as a result of efforts by Dan Lienau and Gala Chamberlain of Santa Rosa’s Annex Galleries to engage the printmaking workshop Kala Art Institute in Berkeley as a venue for a Bay Area Fine Print Fair. The third show, the longstanding Los Angeles Fine Print Fair, relocated a few years ago to Pasadena through an initiative taken by Veronica Miller and David Mota of Egenolf Gallery of Burbank.

Los Angeles Print Fair

With these shows now on hiatus, Ed Pollack (Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts) and Bernard Derroitte (Armstrong Fine Art & Mesh Art Gallery) took the initiative under the umbrella of their newly formed PrintFairsUSA to bring together 43 print dealers, publishers and gallery owners for a 18-day online event which will present over 2000 works of art on paper, from the 15th to the 21st century.  Some of the most reputable print specialists from the four corners of the United States, Australia, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands will showcase their best works of art on paper.

Los Angeles Print Fair

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Portland Art Museum and the Kala Art Institute to help get the word out for this online event. While we expect “live” shows will come back, we also recognize virtual shows are here to stay, and will serve as a way of expanding the access to in-person shows to collectors the world over. We encourage you to support this effort to greater access for all by making a purchase small or large, by taking up contact with one of these exhibitors, or by signing up for our newsletter.

The Portland Art Museum would like to acknowledge the Graphic Arts Council for their generous financial support of the Department of Prints and Drawing.  To support the museum and the Graphic Arts Council, please consider becoming a member of the council.  You can find detail information about this affinity group HERE.

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