Violinist Seated in a Tavern

Cornelis DUSART

Cornelis Dusart (1660-1704): Etching, 1685, 277 x 246 mm., Bartsch 115, Hollstein 115 iii/iii. A fine, strong impression on heavy laid paper without visible watermark, with small or thread margins all around and in fresh condition; a short tear at the left edge with an old repair. Dusart was a genre painter, draughtsman and printmaker in Haarlem, the student of Adriaen van Ostade and the inheritor of his studio. Although clearly influenced by his mentor, he had his own personal style, his characters more exclamatory than Ostade’s, his etching style bolder and less refined and, even in his smaller prints, the appearance of working on a larger scale. This is one of his larger prints, a wonderful and evocative image conveying an image of frenetic activity caught and captured, a moment now frozen in time.